Thursday, 31 October 2013

Illustrating a Picture Book in Pastels

Well, the good news is that The Jungle Grumble got a great response at the Frankfurt Book Fair (yahoo!), so I am now getting on with the rest of the pastel artwork. The less good news is that I am crazy-busy at the same time with school and festival events and, much as I love them, I am currently rushing around like a headless-chicken.

Last week, John helped me to cut all the pastel paper for the next batch of illustrations and I got all my drawings traced up okay (the REALLY boring bit), but then I only managed a day and a half of actual pastelling, before I had to shoot off with my bag of books. 

This is how things were looking after the first day back on the project (the ones on the table are the earlier spreads which I asked my publisher to return to me, for colour reference). 

It's always good on day one, as I always cover quite a lot of ground at the outset, especially when I am working on two spreads at once, which I am doing now (to begin with at least), as the backgrounds are similar. Unfortunately, progress gets a lot slower as I begin working more on the foreground detail.

But unfortunately, I haven't touched my new artwork since a brief spurt on Tuesday, because so far this week I have done one day in Nottingham, one day in Sheffield and another, today, in Leeds. Tomorrow I am in Birmingham for their Young Readers Family Fun Day. I am quite excited, as I will get to see the glam new library, since that's where I am performing in the morning. In the afternoon, I am in Small Heath Library if you want to come along to a storytelling.


Anonymous said...

Seeing the pieces spread on the table next to you is a great reference for their actual size. The color is beautiful!! I was wondering, do you use any kind of spray or sealer on the top so the pastel doesn't smudge? And which kind of scanning method does the publisher use on pastel works at this size? Soooo beautiful!! Love your blog!!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you :-)

Yes, I do use spray fixative, but sparingly, as it changes the colours. I usually use it at the half-way stage, to 'lock' the background, then try to manage without fixing much more.

The publishers send the artwork away to be scanned - they use what's called a 'drum scanner': a very large, round drum they attached the artwork to, which spins very fast. Never seen it in action unfortunately.

fados do lar said...

awesome job :)

Rachael Sanders said...

I think your artwork looks absolutely amazing. Love the vibrant colours.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lynne, for answering my questions. I didn't know they'd use a drum scanner on pastel work. Very interesting. Beautiful work you do!! My daughter and I always check your blog for updates and inspiration.. she is a young teen artist focussing on illustration at a high school for the arts. Have a great week!!

Lynne the Pencil said...

How interesting - say hello to her from me. I hope she has a sketchbook! :-)

Anonymous said...

Indeed, she does. Several!! As do I.... :)