Friday 17 January 2020

A Sneaky Peek Inside my Studio!

I recently had a big tidy-up in the studio. It was triggered by getting some wonderful new storage from my Mum's house, with lots and lots of little drawers (so now I can actually find stuff).

It's the first time I've been able to see my window sills in as long as I can remember. They were piled high with bit and bobs, and bags of bits and bobs, all stuff that didn't really have a home, so got dumped there. I had to wipe up year's worth of dead flies and dust when I cleared them of clutter! 

The various bags shoved under my desk are stuffed with all the plastic carrier bags I've collected to create my latest work - you can see my most recent plastic-bag sculpture on the surface in the video. 

I'm sorry I have been lax in telling you about what I've been up to for some time. Basically, I discovered that I was spending more time administrating all my social media platforms than creating actual artwork. So I decided to take a break from regular blogging, to get myself back on track. I will try and look in more often. In the meantime, I now have a Facebook page dedicated to my textiles creations, which has photos of all my recent projects, the stuff that hasn't yet made it onto my website.

Take a look when you have a few moments. If you approve, do please 'like' the page, or even leave me a review!

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