Sunday 28 October 2012

Illustrating a Children's Picture Book: Finished!

All the pastel artwork for my latest book Swap! is now done. Hurrah! The last pieces, which I finished this week, were the front endpapers:

These little images will be shrunk down still further and used to create a repeat pattern in the front of the book. I think perhaps this is my favourite one:

These illustrations show Lucy and Sparky before they swap places. The back endpapers, after their little adventure, are rather different!

John mounted everything up for me, but my final task, before sending this 2nd batch off to my publisher, was a continuity check. It would be so easy to miss off Sparky's whiskers, or Lucy's sock tail, or get her mud splots in the wrong places. I have already spotted a discrepancy in Sparky's markings and had to make changes. As half the artwork has already been scanned, I had to change the new pieces to fit the first batch.

To try and get an overview, we laid out all the artwork so I could see as much as possible at once. But there were too many illustrations (or insufficient surfaces) to get it all out at once, so I did it in a couple of batches.

I did spot a couple of things, so good job I checked!


Julie Clay Illustration said...

Well done Lynne, I've only done this once, but it is very good to see all the artwork for something like a book out altogether. Like you say, for continuity. Hope all goes well when you submit everything, and no changes! :)

Unknown said...

Bravaaaa! I'm happy for you! You made a really good job and I think you must be really happy to be at the end!

Sandra van Doorn said...

it looks fabulous, and seing your work process is always a source of inspiration!


Congratulations, Lynne! :)

aylin kaplan said...

it is said we are here ''ellerine sağlık çok güzel olmuş'' :)