Thursday 1 November 2012

Drawn-of-the-Dead: a Halloween Sketch-Party

I've been SketchCrawling with my SketchCrawl North friends for over 2 years now, since our first outing in Sheffield city centre. We decided to celebrate with a bit of a party - a Halloween sketch-party!

There were various suggestions for names (ScreechCrawl, Drawcula...) but we settled on Drawn-of the DeadJust like our Mad Hatter's Tea Party, I asked people to dress up and bring themed food. John dressed as Dracula. I decided to go as a witch and sewed loads of spiders onto my dress and hat.

We separated into two groups: the chatters settled down around the fire in the front room while the sketchers sat around the table in the dining room, drawing to the soundtrack of every halloween-themed song I could lay my hands on (Bat Out of Hell, The Addams Family, Devil Woman...):

I was up the far end and didn't have a particularly good view of the best of the spooky food, so I sketched the others. It was Rose's first time with us:

I was sitting next to Andrew. He's the clay sculptor who runs the life modelling sessions at KIAC, where I made my 'Gerald'.

We drew for an hour or so, but then decided to tuck into the fabulous food that people had contributed. Wendy made a great pumpkin soup to kick us off:

Then we embarked on a general feeding-frenzy. The kids were desperate to get at the eye-ball tarts and my green spider jelly:

After that, there was only sporadic sketching. It was rather nice to have time to chat a bit more to one another. We took a group portrait at the end. A few costumes had gone slightly awry by then, but you get the gist:

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