Thursday 20 December 2018

UNBOUND: Exhibition of my Textiles

I am so pleased that I was approached to be a part of the Unbound exhibition. I really enjoyed getting it all together with the 3 other women who were showing, and it is interesting to see your work alongside the work of other artists. The four of us were chosen well - the artwork was very different, but the artists' approaches really complimented one another.

I have not shown my textiles work since the Orchard Square residency exhibition. I have created so much new work since then, which seems crazy, given it was only 9 months ago and I spent 4 of those months away in Australia, so not stitching at all. 

It was really useful to have a reason to get it all mounted up and on the wall, because it's quite hard to get of sense of what you are doing, when your recent body of work is not visible but, being an attic, my workspace doesn't lend itself to putting work up.

I also showed 5 large chalk drawings that I created a short while before I started creating the textiles. They are based on my experience of being out in the landscape:

I haven't looked at them for over 2 years, but was going through the plans chest in the run-up to the show and suddenly noticed that there was a strong connection to the textile mark-making and flow, so I thought it would be good to show them alongside the more recent work.

We had around 100 people at the private view, which was fantastic. I was kept busy, chatting away all evening. I'm told I got rather squiffy, but that can't be true, can it? It was such a great space for it - so big! I loved the post-industrial look to it (it was once part of a scissor-factory, I'm told).

We had a lot of fun, then it was oh-so-suddenly time to take it all down again. The space looked so bare when we were done - just like when you take down the Christmas decorations in the New Year.

If you missed the show, you can see all my new work on my Facebook page Lynne Chapman: Fine-Art Textiles. This is in lieu of a website for the moment. I'll get that sorted sometime next year. It feel like I only just finished setting up the Lynne Chapman Urban Sketcher site and it's such a lot of work. Which of course stops you doing the real work. At the moment, I think the most important thing is to keep going with the textiles as much as I can, seeing where it takes me.

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