Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Sketchbook Skool: Selfie Sheet

I spent a few fun hours the other day, creating an illustrated sheet to introduce myself to my new Sketchbook Skool students. The folks behind the scenes at Sketchbook Skool sent me a short questionnaire. Instead of just answering the questions in the normal way though, because it's Sketchbook Skool, and they are into playing and having fun with drawing, they asked me to answer the questions more visually: whatever I felt the urge to do.

So, I got out a big piece of cartridge paper. I thought it might be a good opportunity to use the set of gorgeously zingy Graphik line-painters that Derwent sent me as a pressie a while back. They are great, really nice to use. They started straight away - no shaking and swearing necessary - and the flow was constant and even. All five colours are really punchy and the paint line is opaque, which is very handy, especially with light colours. And once they are dry, they are totally waterproof, so I could add a bit of watercolour to the line-work here and there.

It was fun to not plan the sheet, just to start at the top and see what happened. When it was done, I tinted the questions digitally, to help the composition and make them stand out. Here's the finished piece:
If you are interested in signing up for my course with Sketchbook Skool, it consists of 14 films of me talking about and demonstrating my work, which you can watch from May 8th, but which are 'bundled' with 4 other instructor's films (including the legendary sketcher Nina Johansson) into a course called Exploring, lasting 5 weeks from April 17th. The whole thing costs $99 and you can sign up as soon as you like.


I need orange said...

Totally smitten with your PLAY drawing. :-) Thanks. I needed that chuckle.

Jess said...

Such an inspiring way to answer the questions! It's made a beautiful page of artwork too!xx

Darlene Campbell said...

I'm thrilled you are showing up at SBS. I've been a fan of your work and have taken your picture book class at Craftsy. Cheers-

Lourdes V. said...

Me gustaría mucho apuntarme a su curso pero no hablo inglés....
Los vídeos tienen subtítulos en español?
Gracias por su respuesta.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you folks - so glad you like it and it raised a smile.

Great to hear that you have signed up for my Craftsy class Darlene. Hope you had fun. I know I did :-D

Lourdes: I don't speak Spanish, but can work out what you are saying I think. No, as far as I know, there are no plans to subtitle the classes, although I will pass that on to the Sketchbook Skool team, as they are always interested in feedback and new ideas.