Sunday, 12 March 2017

My New Urban Sketching Article

What with all my excitement of my sketching trip, I completely forgot to tell you about something that has happened. Ages ago, an editor at Artists & Illustrators magazine contacted me, to commission an article about my urban sketching.

It all came about as a result of the feature they did on me this time last year, when someone came to interview me in the studio. This time though, I wrote the piece myself.

It was published a few weeks back, in the March edition. This piece is much more of an advice and guidance article, concentrating on some of the keys problems people encounter when sketching out on location, addressing each in turn and talking about how I personally deal with the issues.

It also shows a few different kinds of sketches I've done, created in different settings, so I could briefly talk about what I was doing and why, as well as offering a few of my best Top Tips.

Actually, I should have received my complimentary copy back in early Feb, but the original editor left the magazine and I never got it. I had in fact forgotten all about it, until someone contacted me to say they'd just got their subscription copy and had the nice surprise of finding me in it!


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Thank you!

Ginny Stiles said...

Oh my gosh. How exciting. I guess you are "published" already but this so trendy. Love it.