Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Little Girl 'Obsessed' with Drawing!

I had this lovely email from a mum, after one of my Book Week visits, which I really wanted to share with you. It's so lovely to hear such great feedback:

You visited my daughters school, in Gedling, Nottingham last week.
I can only imagine what an inspirational lady you are, given the frequency of which you name has been mentioned since.  Most days I struggle to get out of Ruby what she had for lunch, let alone the chapter and verse we have been told about your visit.

Ruby loved drawing before you went to talk to the children but this has become a near on obsession. We've had to have your website on constantly so that she can copy your drawings, to become as good as you when she grows up.

I am very lucky in so much that Ruby loves to read, I really hope that your visit has inspired some more children to pick up books and even if they can't read look at the pictures and make up their own story.

We've just got back from the library, where Ruby has ordered lots of books that have been illustrated by you for her reading list.

Thank you for passing on your passion.

It's easy to get a bit blasé about doing the school visits after all these years, but messages like this remind me of why I (and all those other authors and illustrators) do it. It makes all the hard work of travelling back and forth to schools so very worth while. Thank you Mum and hello Ruby: keep up the good work!

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