Thursday 9 March 2017

Norman Ackroyd's Hebridean Sketchbook

I went to a really inspiring event last weekend at the lovely Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield. It was a printmakers fair, held in their new Calder Mill extension. I bought myself a pressie:

As you may know, John is into printing these days and has an etching press, so the fair initially caught my eye on his behalf, but I am also rather into etching and collagraphs, as the mark-making can be very up my street, so I was really looking forward to it as a reward for all my hard work during Book Week. I was not disappointed. 

The standard of work was really high - as well as many excellent printmakers I didn't know, there were examples of the great Norman Ackroyd's work, and the Grayson Perry above which I recognised from his All Man BBC documentary.

I spent ages and ages talking to different people about their work and the enthusiastic representatives of the Zillah Bell Gallery, introduced me to a couple of new favourites, including Jason Hicklin, whose etchings are often created in two panels, to echo his original sketchbook rendition.

We resisted the urge to buy a print (apart from anything, we have issues with lack of wall space), but as it is my birthday tomorrow, I treated myself to a book: a facsimile of a Norman Ackroyd sketchbook (well, actually a 'best of' compliation), created on his Hebridean trips, gathering images for his etchings:

There were some great exhibitions in the main gallery too and, what with the lunch outlets on the grass, we ended up spending the entire day there. We both came back feeling really inspired and energised. Just the ticket. I drooled over my book all the way home on the train.

Get yourself to the Hepworth if you are ever in our region. It's a seriously good gallery.


dinahmow said...

A well-deserved prezzie! Happy birthday!

Beo said...

Happy Birthday and all the best for your next year!!
I'm late, I know - but I hadn't seen this post before...
Thanks for this post.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you!