Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Travels in Lanzarote: Day 7. Spots, Stripes & Gullies

After my the previous day's difficulties, experimenting with drawing techniques, I decided next day to revert to watercolour, but to be brave enough to work in my big sketchbook. To be fair, it wasn't just about the intimidation factor of a large expensive book: it is also pretty inconvenient, lugging an A3 book around under your arm!

So I didn't walk as far. Instead of heading high up on the hill, I sat on the scrub land just along the hillside and sketched the view which was more or less opposite the house. I was fascinated by the red gullies, the stripes of the terracing and the spotty pattern of the shrubs:

When I was done, I just had time for another quickie, before the usual cloud set in. This time I concentrated on the scrub land itself in the foreground and the yellow flowers which dotted my side of the hill, letting the shapes and patterns of the hill opposite form a colourful backdrop:

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