Thursday, 16 February 2017

Travels in Lanzarote: Day 8. Market Day

On Friday, we went for another long walk in the lava field along the coast of Tamanfaya, the national park. The lava flow disappears into the beautiful turquoise sea, where waves crash dramatically against the rocky outcrops.

It's a pretty bleak landscape mostly though (can you spot John in the middle there?):

I didn't do any sketching, as we needed to keep walking, although we did stop for a rest at one point, when we discovered rock pools, and had an intimate encounter with a few little fish. A gang of tiny, see-through prawns also nibbled at the skin around our toes.

On the Saturday, it was market day again in our village of Haria. The week before, it had been freezing, with a really nasty wind, but this week was much warmer, so we hung around all morning, soaking up the atmosphere. 

We had a very chilled time, hanging out in a couple of the street cafe's, eating, drinking coffee and chatting to people who chanced by. There was even live music. I got out my Inktense pencils:

After lunch, we wandered back up the hill to our little house and I sat by the pool (it was still way too cold to go in, but a nice place to sit), and I sketched the view:

A rather lazy day all round.

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