Wednesday 6 October 2010

Sketchbooks Are Go!

While I'm away doing my school visits, I thought I'd show you another of those filmed interviews I did in the summer for the Open College Network. This one is me talking about my sketchbooks: how I stopped sketchbook keeping for many years and what started me drawing again in earnest.

I also share my hot tips on how to sketch people in public here.

If you missed the previous videos I posted, there's a two-part film you might find interesting: part 1 and part 2 of How To Illustrate a Book.

If you keep a sketchbook yourself, or enjoy drawing, and feel inspired to give it a try, why not take part in the 29th International Sketchcrawl Day coming up on Saturday Oct 16th?

Round up a group of friends, or register at the official Sketchcrawl website and check the forum to find out if there is a group active in your area. If not, why not start one? You don't need loads of people: here is a small group from Sydney, Australia, taking part in the 28th International Sketchcrawl in July:

They sketched in the Art Gallery of NSW:

We Sheffield Sketchcrawlers will of course be sketching our way through the day, in and around Weston Park Museum. If you want to join in, email me or check the blog over the next week, where I'll post details.

Take a look at some of the sketches done during last month's 1st Sheffield Sketchcrawl for inspiration. This is what was happening in Italy around the same time, and here's another sketch from July's 28th International Sketchcrawl, by Olve in Vannes, France (good eh?):

You sufficiently inspired yet? Get those sketchbooks dusted off, get out there and have some fun!


Jon Davis said...

Huzzah, another video. Excellent stuff.
I do enjoy these, they are very good to watch :)

harry bell said...

Well, very persuasive. I've just joined the Sketchcrawl site, which is s start, and asked for interest in a Crawl round Tyneside. *Doing* it is another matter ;o)

Steven said...

Awesome videos, Lynne! Thanks for sharing your experiences and insight in video. :)

Vicky L. Williamson said...

Very informative . . . Thanks so much for sharing these videos with us!

Yasmin said...

Hi Lynne, I read the previous post and I saw that there were the videos of the interviews for the university of how to illustrate an infantile book......(wow)
Unhappily I don't understand a single English comma.... I understand only the texts.
I would like so much... SO MUCH... of to know that you said in the interviews.
I respect and I admire yourr work a lot... and I am the sure that the tips should be fabulous.
A Big hugs,

Serena Lewis said...

Great pics and info...very informative, thank you, Lynne ~ :)

Tami Traylor said...

Lynn, Thanks so much for sharing these great little videos. Keeping a sketchbook is the one tip I share with young artists and designers, my own daughter included. It's really a record of things you've thought, ideas and an excellent means of fine-tuning your drawing skills.

I wish I lived in the UK (really!) so I could join you on the sketch crawl.

I do love your little square black sketchbook. I primarily use Moleskine books, now, but I really love that square format. It's easier to compose in, for me. I'll have to see if I can locate one online.

Thanks again for the share!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks folks - glad you like the films. I had great fun making them.

Tami - I don't know if it helps, but my square sketchbook is made by 'Pen to Paper':

Cristi said...

Hi Lynne, I love your sketches, they are gorgeous. And this blog too.

Thank you very much

Megan Moran Smith said...

Love it. I too have recently rediscovered my sketch book since joining the working world and it helps focus my mind. Great post.