Saturday, 20 March 2010

My Birthday Surprise!

OK, I know I can't milk it forever... but I never did get to tell you how the actual day of my birthday went.

Remember I was visiting Hasland Infants in Chesterfield? Well, it was a nice day, reading stories to little ones who were, as usual, lovely.

For lunch, I got a school dinner to eat in the staffroom (I learned early on not to eat with the kids in the dining room - you never get to swallow a mouthful, as they just bombard you with questions the whole time while your food quietly cools on a fork poised permanently in the air before your mouth).

The teachers were having a staff meeting around me, so I just got on with munching. All of a sudden the door opens and a huge bunch of red roses appears! Confused, I thought at first it was from the school, but it was the work of my romantic hubby. He had gone to my website, to find out which school I was at, tracked down a local florist and got them to deliver me flowers as a surprise!

Mrs Lomas
, who'd invited me, explained it was my 50th, so the staff meeting had to stop while the teachers all sang 'Happy Birthday to You'. I think several of them were a bit jealous of those roses!

It was interesting, trying to manouver them in and out of the train with my suitcase of books too, and I got some smiles. When I got them home, I even discovered a little box of chocolates hidden away in the bottom of the bouquet. What a sweetie he is!


June said...

That is so sweet... what a nice memory moment. Well done that man.

Karien Naude said...

Ahhh that is sooo wonderful of your husband. Every women loves flowers :)You are so lucky

David Meredith said...

Nice story. Thoughtful spouse. Lovely drawings as always. Belated Happy Birthday. Mine (same age) was a month ago. It's the new 30, you know.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks Lynne, for your memorable birthday (!) visit to Hasland Infant School.

The children and teachers were full of praise for the fascinating workshops you ran. A book fair came the day after you left and although none of your books were part of it we took record sales.

The children have been so enthused about books and illustrating in particular.

Serena said...

Beautiful flowers and sketches!!!

Liz Steel said...

happy belated birthday - what a lovely surprise! SO nice!!!