Tuesday, 23 March 2010

No, No, No, No, No!!!!!!

Remember my ghastly foot procedure in January, involving the soldering iron and the vampire stake?

Problem 1: it should have been all better by now. I'm not too bad on a day-to-day basis, but went on a hill walk and was crippled after only an hour: ice-fire pains with every step - ouch! Back to the specialist for another ultra scan.

It turns out that the nerve he zapped between my toes is now completely healed and normal (hurrah) but... I have another neuroma between the neighbouring toes and, even more fun, yet another on my other foot!

Problem 2: To celebrate my 50th, John & I have a walking holiday in Italy booked very soon. We will be walking from A to B between little villages all day every day, for over a week. Mmmm.

Here are the offending tootsies, as sketched last week in Shrewsbury (more of that visit later):

Solution 1:
tonight I have to be zapped again, but on both feet this time (eeek). This will put me totally out of action for a couple of days, but I should be walking again on Friday (handy, since I have a school visit in Nottingham that day).

Solution 2: At the weekend, once the dodgy nerves are both freeze-dried to death, and so pain free, I have to go on another walk, to make sure there is nothing else giving me pain that needs doing.

I'm really looking forward to this evening (not). I'm crossing fingers it all goes OK this time (but not toes...)


Julia Kelly said...

I feel your pain-ripped a tendon in one ankle backpacking and it lets me know if I have not been taking care of it-i.e-walking,right shoes, not sitting on bed too long working-hope all is healed for your trip-sounds wonderful!! Birkenstock hiking boots saved me.

Mary Lou said...

Poor Lynn! I love your sense of humor :) I will send good thoughts your way for a beautiful trip to italy and a speedy recovery! In the mean time keep your humor, they say laughter is the best medicine!

Jill said...

I have a neuroma too and have put up with it for about 18 months, but now it is too much. Walking with a limp is now effecting my knee. You have inspired me to get something done about it - even if I get another one!! Hope your treatment is successful.

Jon Davis said...

I think it's tomorrow now, if you see what I mean, so you'll have been zapped last night.
But I hope it all went well, and that you're on the way to getting it sorted out long term.
best wishes

Kinga Bee said...

Oh no! I do hope you are fully functional for your holiday!! Get better! And I hope we get some really nice sketches from that trip too! :)

Serena said...

I hope you will be fit and ready for your 'walking' holiday. OUCH on the pain! I do understand because I've had a lot of trouble with painful feet over the past couple of months. It's located in the upper part of the feet and it feels like it's the joints...the pain hasn't reached a point where I can't walk but I guess I should take myself off to the doctor.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks for your well wishes and words of comfort chaps. It all went as well as could be expected.

Jill - if you have the same, do get yourself zapped, as it's not that bad at all and seems a miracle cure in no time flat. Not available yet on National Health though, so far more painful for the purse than the feet!

Serena - we might take mobility for granted, but I have learned how important feet are, so get to that Dr and get them sorted!