Thursday, 18 March 2010

New Sketchbook!

I'm doing lots of train drawings again at the moment. 'Frank' was the final page of my last book, so I've started a brand new one. For anyone who's interested, they are A6 Daler-Rowney 150g: nothing fancy, but solid and nicely handbag-sized!

I like to get the 'new sketchbook' thing out of the way as, even after all this time, I still don't like that clean, empty first page. Also, I'm a bit of a show-off (you probably noticed that) and if someone asks to look at my book, I like to have at least a few back drawings to show them. That's also handy, in case the one you are working on is a bit rubbish!

I had a cracking couple of days last week though, and filled the first 14 pages in just two trips (see, told you I was a show-off). I showed you some last time, here are some more.

As you can see, I've been relaxing in my few days off between school visits by treating myself to some time colouring my sketchwork in Photoshop.

By the time you read this though, I will be off again in Shrewsbury for their festival, which means another couple of nice meaty train journeys, to re-stock with new victims!!



I love your drawings but more than that, your sense of color.

Little Megan said...

Ah, these are lovely. Very inspiring. The few times I've been on trains or subways I've been too shy to do much serious drawing: but you have me inspired!

David Meredith said...

You have a remarkable ability to capture character. Fantastic work.

Maggie Mayer said...

I love your work Lynne. I'm enjoying your train rides on urban sketchers too!