Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Book Week School Visits: Workshops and Storytellings

I've had so much to tell you recently, that my school visits from last week haven't had a look-in: so sorry guys!

Lyndon Green Infants in Birmingham is a wonderfully creative school, with outstanding displays everywhere and ceilings dripping with drawings on strings.

I visited this time last year so the children all recognised me, which was lovely. It's so sweet to have little voices shouting 'Look, it's Lynne Chapman!' every time you step into the corridor. I had to be careful though not to read the same stories!

The next day was a very early start (6am taxi to the station!!!) as I had to get all the way to Newcastle to visit Our Lady and St Anne's. It was well worth it though: another very nice day with Rec through to Y3, plus I did loads of train sketches on the way.

I read Giddy the Great a couple of times, for a change. I've not done that one in a while, so we did the illustration workshop where the children draw Giddy balancing on crazy towers of their own invention.

Mrs Hodgson had ordered loads of books on behalf of the children, and I was signing for nearly an hour after school, until my hand was hanging on by a thread. We had to do a crazy dash to the station and I caught my train with just 2 mins to spare!
This is already a super-long post ('what's new' I hear you cry...), so I'll tell you about my birthday visit to Hasland Infants in Chesterfield later on.


Karien Naude said...

Your train sketches always amaze me, its so good.

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Karien! I'm getting lots of practice these days, with all my school visits up and down the country.

Candace Trew Camling said...

nice portraits! I love the amount of detail you get in them, it really shows the personality!
I wish we had trains in the US that took us all over at high speeds. The Amtrak just isn't the same... but I suppose the US is a little larger.

Chrissy said...

I always follow your entries in Urban Sketchers, Lynne. Never disappointing, those people are so REAL!
I'm a keen photographer of people but I'm not as brave as you are. I've missed so many good opportunities. The other day a lovely workman actually asked me to photograph him and I hurried on. I feel you would have stopped and joked and got your pic. I must learn from you!

Ira Robbins said...


Jade Graham said...

But the snake just wanted to eat him: it was all for the best, he said, as it would stop him missing his mum any more. website