Sunday, 14 March 2010

My New Book: Rumble Roar Dinosaur!

I have a new book out!!

Do you remember Gnash, Gnaw, Dinosaur! that came out last year? Well Rumble, Roar, Dinosaur! is the sequel. Like it's predecessor, it's being published in hardback and paperback simultaneously, which is quite handy.

Both books are a series of fabulous poems by Tony Mitton, featuring all your favourite dinosaurs (plus a few more you probably won't even have met before!). Both books have big flaps on every page too.

When you lift the flap on the above illustration, this Archaeopteryx leaps into flight, to gobble an unsuspecting dragonfly:

The cover illustration for Rumble Roar Dinosaur! was not created as a unique piece of new artwork, as is usually the case, but adapted by combining aspects of various illustrations from the inside. You can see how it was done here.

You can also see some of the illustrations-in-progress on my earlier blogs when I was working on the book.

The book has an interesting history, as it started off with a different publisher, Kingfisher, and was originally going to be combined with Gnash Gnaw Dinosaur! and called Dippy Diplodocus.

As usual, if you would like a signed copy of Rumble Roar Dinosaur!, with your very own drawing in the front, do email me and I'll post one out to you. It's just £5.99 paperback or £10.99 hardback, plus P&P.


cassia said...

congrats, Lady! Shall look forward to seeing it on the shelf! x

Gaia Marfurt said...

I love them! It's a pity I can't find these books here in Italy. I'm sure my children would love your dinosours!
I visit very often your blog. Your "travelling" sketches are beautiful and they remind me to a time (10 years ago) when I was often travelling. It was funny drawing people reading and sleeping in the train!
Gaia from Italy

Coralie Colorie said...

That's great news! Congratulations!

Tomás Serrano said...

Congratulations, Lynne! By the way, I saw last week your first book about dinosaurs in a shop window, here at Salamanca.

Lynne Chapman said...

Wow - that's great news Tomas. Thanks for letting me know. In English though I presume?

Allen jeley said...

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