Monday, 5 October 2009

Author / Illustrator Visits to Schools: One, Two, Three... Go!

Yes: it's school visit season and I am hard at it again. I wrote this post at the weekend because I knew that once the week was underway, I'd have no time.

It's going to be a mad one: a whole week of events every day, all over. I'm in Birmingham on Monday, Huddersfield on Tuesday, Audenshaw on Wednesday and then Lancashire on Thursday & Friday. All those early mornings... ugh.

And of course it all began on Friday, with a visit to Brayton Infant School in Selby. Lots of stories, lots of singing, lots of drawing, plus dancing the cancan like crocodiles and kangaroos! A lovely way to kick off the season (sounds like football...).

This is the 'Zaggeroomph' that we all designed together. The other photos are monsters in progress, drawn by the Y1 children.

It was a really positive day, and all the children were smashing. Thanks so much to all the parents who came after school and bought signed books: I could hardly lift my case on the way, but it was light as a feather going home!

I managed a few drawings on the trains as usual. At the top of the post is my first sketch for ages.

Because I stayed longer than expected to sign books, I missed my train home by 15 mins, only to be told that there wasn't another one for ages. Instead of getting to Sheffield at 5pm, the ticket man said it would be 8pm!!!!!! This seemed so ridiculous, and I was so distraught, that he looked again, and in the end found another route - a bit of a long way round, but getting me home at 6.30 at least.

I'll post highlights from this week's visits when I can, and hopefully more train sketches, if I can find time to scan them in.

Most of my events this month are in schools, but there are a few for the general public, which I'll let you know about as they come along, in case you fancy giving it a whirl.


granny grimble said...

What a lovely Zaggeroomph! Not exactly cuddly but so cute. Who thought up the name? You are in for such a busy time. It's so much fun when you are there, if only you could do your travelling in a time machine and cut out the train journey. Still, we wouldn't get all your brilliant passenger drawings then. Hopefully I'll see you for my birthday next month XX

Carrie said...

What lovely creations those children have made... My oldest daughter is a year 1, she would absolutely love doing that!
Just to say also, I love your train sketches, and I think you must have boundless energy to do all this wonderful work :)

Ale Acosta A. said...

Congratulations! it´s incredible how creative kids could be...

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you.

The Zaggeroomph was named by one of the children. We had a competition to see who could make up the best, brand new, monstery word!