Thursday, 7 May 2009

Red House Voting & Hay Festival Tickets

Do you remember me posting back in February that A Lark in the Ark is up for this year's Red House Children's Book Award? (so exciting!)

As a result, I've been invited take part in the Hay Literary Festival for the first time, and am doing a joint event with Peter Bently, Lark's lovely author, on May 29th.

We have never done an event together before. We will probably only get about 30 mins beforehand to rehearse, so there will inevitably be a degree of playing it by ear, but we have all sorts of ideas and it should be good fun and will involve plenty of silliness, as befits Peter's very silly story!

Click here if you would like to book tickets to see Peter and I strut our stuff in Hay.

Also, voting for for the Red House Award closes on May 11th - just a few days!!!!! Children can cast their votes by clicking here (please vote for us, please vote for us, please vote for us...)

Well, you wouldn't want to disappoint all these cute animals now, would you?


Alex said...

I just voted for your book! Hope you win. I put Alan Alberg second because I thought that idea sounded really interesting. Randomly chose 3rd and 4th.

LØB said...

I just stumbled upon your blog through Flickr. I love your sketchbook drawings and all the illustrations!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks for the vote Alex!!

LOB (sorry, no Norwegian 'O' thingy on my keyboard!) - hope now you've found your way over you'll pop back and visit from time to time...

Ellis Nadler said...

you get my vote. Hay's a whacky place.