Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Author at Work

I have just been commissioned to do a small illustration for my friend Damian Harvey. He and I worked together on An Itch to Scratch a few years ago, and have remained in touch ever since. He wanted an image versatile enough to use on his letterhead, on promo sheets and on the website. He suggested perhaps an illustration of 'the author at work'.

I thought I'd try out my new experimental watercolour technique on it, and came up with this:

I've tried to suggest the various ideas that have burst out of his imagination, by making visual reference to some of the books he has written. Damian says he is really pleased with it (phew!).

And for today's quiz question... can you spot which of Damian's books I'm suggesting in the illustration?


Buskitten said...

What a fantastic letterheading Lynne! I bet Damien is thrilled with it! Um, not sure as the gorilla is there (from an Itch to a Scratch) and a Robot from the Robot, dunno! Love it!

Damian Harvey said...

Very pleased indeed Lynne - It's wonderful. Just what I wanted. I've already included it on several letters that I've sent out this week, put it on my website, and am just about to get some business cards done.
I'll be interested to hear what schoolchildren think of it. I wondered if perhaps I should have a little more hair - our daughters just smiled and sadly shook their heads. (They thought it was "COOL")


Jessie Lilac said...

I like very much the loose style, it looks like a fun image!

Brad said...

crikey that is a really beautiful style! it is funny how you get lost in flickr, glad you came to my blog, so i would think to come to yours too! great stuff here! i love when i go to someones blog after meeting them on flickr and all the stuff on the blog is different!

Lynne Chapman said...

Thanks Brad.