Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Digby the Dyslexic Dinosaur

The postman has just bought me another lovely surprise (don’t you just love that?). I opened a fat envelope to discover my very own, signed copy of Digby the Dyslexic Dinosaur: a limited edition and really rather special…

Back in November last year, I did some workshops with dyslexic children from the SpLD Centre in Stafford (see Dyslexic Dinosaurs). They told me they were working on their own book, about a dyslexic dinosaur.

Coincidentally, I had just received a publisher’s mock-up of my Gnash, Gnaw, Dinosaur! book, so I read it to them (a bit exciting, as nobody else had seen it yet). We drew dinosaurs together and I showed them how to create movement and action. We had great fun and, a few days later, I got some lovely feedback from Janice Jay, the children’s teacher. And that was that.

Except, it turns out that it wasn’t. I am really chuffed that they remembered me and, now their book is finished, have sent me a copy! These are some of the illustrations done by the children.

It’s a really good story, all about how poor Digby is misunderstood. The other dinos in his class think that, just because he’s not good at spelling, he’ll be rubbish at everything else, but they are in for a BIG surprise!

Digby the Dyslexic Dinosaur is so good that, as you can see, the children were invited to present it at Stafford Town Hall. And here is Mrs Jay, reading the story aloud.

Well done everybody! I will treasure my copy of Digby and, to help say ‘thank you’, I am posting you a signed copy of my brand new book Stinky! - I hope you like it!


Damian Harvey said...

That's great Lynne - isn't it good to get feedback from schools... and even better when they keep in touch with you afterwards.

Good to see you're back at your desk working. It's wonderful visiting schools, libraries and festivals but you just don;t get any other work done while you're doing it.

Stinky looks great

Felicity said...

There are so many wonderful messages in young childrens books. This sounds lovely. (Btw, I liked Stinky's yellow lettering much better too!)

granny grimble said...

I hope you bring me this book to see. It sounds brilliant! You've got serious competition with those wonderful dino drawings. A lot of budding artists there.