Monday, 23 March 2009

A Busy Week in Cheshire & Shrewsbury

As I mentioned earlier, I spent most of last week away from home again, visiting more schools.

I started with a day at Mostyn House School near Chester, in a beautiful old building, with the most extraordinary view, straight out across the sea. They actually have a moose, deer and tiger head mounted on the wall in the dining room! Then I travelled on to Shrewsbury for the Bookfest, where I visited 3 more schools over 2 days, finishing at Albrighton Junior's, where everyone was lovely.

It was quite hard work, as I did very full days, with most of the break times taken up with signing books for children, so I was on the go almost constantly each day. It was still good fun though. I consider myself very lucky to have found something, completely by accident, that I appear to be good at and really enjoy.

I am often asked how on earth I manage to sustain enough energy to keep going all day, as I like to keep it pretty lively, with a lot of silliness and jumping about. I never feel tired though: I run on adrenaline. Mind you, when I stop, it's like pulling a plug and I have to be really careful not to fall asleep on the train!

One highlight this week, was getting to spend a couple of evenings with the lovely Ian Whybrow (author of Stinky!), as we were both doing events for Shrewsbury Bookfest at the same time. We were really well looked after and put up in a fabulous B&B (thanks Sophie!), and had dinner together with the organisers both evenings. One of the downsides to my away from home visits, is the saddo 'dinners-for-one' in the corner of restaurants, so being taken out was a lovely bonus!


SeƱor R said...

I always love your drawings :)

Lynne Chapman said...

Thank you!

Ira Robbins said...

great sketch on the train!

granny grimble said...

I love these 'train' sketches. I wish you would put them all in a book. It's the sort of subject that I could spend ages studying.