Friday, 6 February 2009

A New Cover for Rumble Roar

Yesterday, while I was carrying on with the artwork for Rumble, Roar, Dinosaur!, Kingfisher emailed across the new cover design for the book, for my approval.

We were originally going to feature the cute stegosaurus above, as he's such a lovely shape and a well known dinosaur, but the sales team were worried about him being pink and so looking too girlie. Yes, it may seem trivial, but these things are taken very seriously, and boys are a funny bunch, so easily put off!

Because all the inside artwork was finished some time ago, it was too late to change his colour, so instead, we have the Ankylosaurus:

Wonderfully knobbly, isn't he? This isn't the absolute final version, just a 'visual' created at Kingfisher, by the Designer, re-using my original artwork. I think it will make a lovely pair with the first volume:


granny grimble said...

Oh He's great Lynne. I love his armour plating. He looks so ferocious in a silly sort of way. I think he could do with a few puffs of smoke coming out of his nostrils!

Lynne Chapman said...

Nice idea! I'm also wondering if he should be looking at the little dino, rather than us.

Damian Harvey said...

A good decision there to change the cover I think Lynne. Both look great but I agree, the first one does look a little 'girlie' and I think girls will love the books anyway but boys might be put off... and lets be honest - boys are going to love these books.

Looking at all the artwork you've put on the blog I think these could well be two of your best books.

Doda said...

I love the ankylosaurus cover.
It does draw you to him , the fact that he is looking at you- might make someone pick the book up more, but you could always easily play with it digitally to see what it would look like, then compare the two - or even let us see how it would look with him looking at the little dino.

Roberta said...

He is one rough and tumble creature...Awesome work!