Friday, 6 February 2009

Getting On a Little More...

It was a bit of a short day yesterday, because of the low light, but I managed to get a fair bit done. I started by putting in the tree, to establish the darkest tones, which really snaps everything into focus I think.

I got some children's, non-fiction, dinosaur books for undergrowth reference, and found these lovely cone thingies for the tree foot. I've put a lot of blue in their leaves to zing against the warm rocks.

Next I defined the rock shadows a little more, then started on the background dinosaurs: you have to work down from the top as much as possible, to prevent smudging everything with your arm - infuriating, but I've done it many a time. By the way, for my best smudging anecdote of all time, see Cats and Pastels Don't Mix (yes, I can see you're ahead of me...)

I did the stegosauruses first. I'm pleased with how the pink works against the blue and yellowy green. The colours of all the dinos were pre-set, because I did all the other spreads in the summer.

Once they were in, I zapped up the water and reflections a bit. Then I popped in the Elasmosaurus's head:

At which point, it started to get dark. I got my original Hadrosaur artwork out and tacked it to the board for reference, ready for tomorrow.

I was unable to resist continuing a little longer, filling in the basic Hadrosaur colours by the light of my daylight spots but, though they're better than nothing, it's still impossible to properly gauge colour, so I left it.


granny grimble said...

This book is going to be a winner Lynne. I'm loving everything about it. The colours are really beautiful and the dinosaurs are a real winner.

Jacqueline Hudon-Verrelli said...

I really enjoy reading about how you make you images. Thanks!

marikris said...

I'm pretty daunted by soft pastels, since it's not always the most user friendly medium. So I'm definitely glad to stumble on your blog since I really really want to make it work, and you show me that there is a light at the end of the tunnel lol.

Also, I love reading about the whole illustration process, complete with the design end.

Maggie Rose said...

simply amazing! I love your sesne of color.