Monday, 8 January 2018

Drawing Attention Interviews

A few weeks ago, I did a Skype interview for Urban Sketchers, the international sketching organisation, for whom I am a correspondent and instructor. They have a beautifully illustrated monthly newsletter, called Drawing Attention, which tells people about the exciting things that have been happening in the sketching world and gives details of events like workshops, which are coming up.

For 2018 though, they have gone a bit posh and are trying out an exciting new format, a sort of electronic booklet, which looks great! It also gives them a lot more space. Which is where my interview comes in (shame about the misspelt name though).

And it's not just me - there are interviews with the world-famous watercolourist, Liz Steel, from Sydney and the digital sketcher, Rob Sketcherman, in Hong Kong. I watched him in action when we were in Chicago together, and his speed and draughtsmanship are almost unbelievable.

There is also an interesting feature this month about a fellow Yorkshire sketcher, Deborah Rehmat, who talks about the challenges and benefits of sketching with ME. That's as well as pieces about the latest Urban Sketching chapters to be formed, in Syracuse and Hyderabad.

So, if you are at all into sketching, or would just like to see some beautiful paintings and drawings, take a look. You can also subscribe, completely free of charge, to future issues of Drawing Attention here.

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