Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Delivering 'Maps' to The Point

Today we have been battling with bubble-wrap, as two of my textile pieces, which were on show for the first time at Orchard Square, have been accepted into a new exhibition at The Point gallery in Doncaster. They are part of Rebel Daughters, which opens on January 18th, featuring the work of 60 different women artists.

I chose these particular two pieces, both based on local maps and walks, as they make a good pair. They were also my most recent pieces at the time I made the submission, given that the new Coffee House piece was already promised to The Cupola's Christmas 'Unique Beauty' exhibition (which closes on Jan 6th, if you wanted to visit).

The sad thing is that I won't get to see Rebel Daughters, as it opens the day after I fly to Australia to do my next residency, and comes down on April 7th, well before I get back. Which is a great shame, as it's a smashing gallery and I would have loved to have seen the rest of the work. Hey ho. I can't really complain, can I?

Both pieces had to be mirror-plated, cocooned in bubble-wrap, then driven to Doncaster. While we were there, we had a quick look round the exhibition which is about to come down to make way for Rebel Daughters and were lucky to catch a touring show of Matisse cut-outs: wonderfully up-lifting on a dreary, wet afternoon!

One thing you might like to know, if you are at all interested in buying my work: The Point does not add commission to the artist's price, as it is a publicly-funded gallery, so the work is less than half the price it would be in a private gallery.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant marriage of technique to theme. In other words, the imagery of maps seems (to me) to me to be especially suitable for expression/re-interpretation with your current textile style. Kudos.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you!