Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Guest Appearance...

My copy of Thomas Thorspecken's new Urban Sketching book just arrived in the post. 'Thor', as he's known in the Urban Sketching world, is a fellow Urban Sketchers Correspondent, working in Orlando. 

I haven't had time to have a proper look at Thor's book yet, but it's crammed with gorgeous stuff and looks really interesting:

Thing is, the very next morning, I got an email from fellow-sketcher Richard Bell. He said that he had found me lurking in one of the sketches in his copy of Thor's book. He wondered if I appeared, Hitchcock-like, tucked away in a corner of every sketching book!

Richard wouldn't tell me exactly where he'd seen me: he thought finding myself might make a fun, Where's Wally kind of game. I smiled and thought no more about it for a few hours until John popped his head round the studio door with the book.

There are 128 pages and approx 400 illustrations in Thor's book, but John couldn't resist the challenge and found me (luckily only on page 37):

Turns out it's not one of Thor's sketches but one done by Lapin, during a meal at the Santo Domingo symposium a couple of years back:

Fancy that!


sylvia said...

I saw this in the bookshop the other day and noticed you while I was flicking through!

Anonymous said...

I have his book it is a great one, looking forward to yours!