Thursday 21 November 2013

Juggling Jobs

Just lately, I have definitely been trying to do too many things at the same time! Amongst other things, I am still rushing around doing educational events while I could do with getting on with my book

This week I spent a day at Lostock Hall Primary School, in Preston, which was absolutely lovely, though a bit of a long haul from Sheffield, especially given a late train on the way, which made me miss my connection, so had me playing catch-up all day. At one point, I managed to lose my train ticket too, in all the rush of being late: 

I can't really grumble though, as mostly my trains are fine: generally on time, and a part of the day which I actually enjoy (probably shouldn't have said that).

Anyway, I was getting a bit stressy about the lack of progress on The Jungle Grumble, as the same two bits of artwork have been on my desk for what seems like ages, so I did a tot up of my available working days up to the deadline of Feb 1st, to find out how tight things are. 

I feel much better for doing it, as I found out I am still on schedule, with just enough time to do everything. Phew. Just mustn't get a cold!!

Anyway, I have pretty much finished the two spreads I was working on (above and below) and now, at last, also got going on another: a single page illustration, still at the waterhole:

I have another studio day today then, tomorrow afternoon, I am travelling up to Northumberland for the Northern Children's Book Festival Gala Day, where I will be strutting my stuff with the fantastic Julia Jarman again. We LOVE Gala Day and we LOVE the NCBF librarians, so I am really looking forward to it. Back to work on Jungle Grumble properly next week - head down every day until Christmas - promise!


lee kline said...

Your work is beautiful. I am a fan.

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thank you so much Lee - glad you like it :-)