Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Illustrating a Book: Progress Report on my Artwork. ..

Since I last looked in, I've managed to get a fair bit more work done on Jungle Grumble, especially given that I lost much of Friday packing and then travelling up to Northumberland for the NCBF Gala Day (more of that next time).

Anyway, I was determined to make some tangible progress, so I have really cracked on. On Thursday I finished off the waterhole spread I showed you in progress last time (sorry the photo is a bit blurry):

Then, on Friday morning, I then dug out the lion spread I finished ages ago to tack to my board , as you can see at the top, for use as colour reference while I worked on a vignette illustration of Lion.  It precedes the waterhole page above (where Lion is telling the animal that he has an idea to help them). 

In this image, having tried patiently explaining to the animals that they look fine as they are, Lion is roaring at them to be quiet and STOP their moaning:

Once the artwork is scanned, I will get rid of the pink paper background and will drop in a flat colour digitally, possibly a simple white ground: I still need to have a think about that and chat to my Art Director. I finished him off yesterday and so today I am starting on a new double-spread. 

I have no more school visits or festivals booked in between now and my deadline, so it will be good to really concentrate on my book. Right - I'd better get on with it!


Janee said...

I like the pink paper background. :-)

theartofpuro said...

Love your work in progress:)

ann @ studiohyde said...

Your work is gorgeous, I also think you must be very technically minded if you can do the digital work to them.

Serena Lewis said...

LOVE your work!

Summer Scott said...

What application do you use on the computer to put in the white background? Why do you use pink paper? Thats interesting!:) Very cute work!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks Summer. I use pink paper because it is always better to use chalk on a colour. It avoids constantly worrying about having to kill the white, even worse with a textured paper, which I prefer. Pink is warming and the midtone works with the full tonal range of coloured pastels. There is a blog post about how I get rid of the background here: http://lynnechapman.blogspot.co.uk/search?q=pink+paper