Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Giddy Goat Visits the Barbican Theatre!

I had an interesting email recently, from the London Symphony Orchestra. They would like to do a production of my book Giddy Goat at the Barbican Theatre! 

Do you remember, ages ago, there was a travelling musical production by Ensemble 360? I went to see it at my local theatre, here in Sheffield, and it was brilliant. The children absolutely loved it.

Well, Paul Rissman, the composer of the score, is now working on the LSO school concerts series and has now expanded his original composition, this time for a full orchestra.

The London performances are scheduled for February 14th. My illustrations will once again be projected onto a big screen in the Barbican's auditorium. 
It's all very exciting.

The LSO are providing workshops for all the teachers attending the concerts, helping them to prepare their children and get the most from the visit. All teachers will get a training pack, across the pages of which, Giddy will tremble and skitter.

Another nice bit of good news that goes hand-in-hand with all this, is that Orchard Books have been persuaded to do another reprint of Giddy Goat, so that books will be available for children to buy at the Barbican events. Poor Giddy has been in the wilderness for a while now, so I'm sure he is excited at the prospect of being read again!

If you are thinking of going along with your kids, you might want to show them my step-by-step guide to drawing Giddy Goat! They might also be interested in some of the how-to-draw films on my YouTube channel.


June said...

Wonderful news, so exciting to think a children's book (and a Giddy Goat) can go to such places and reach new people!
Congratulations to Giddy Goat, and you.

Gianne Amparo said...

I am a big fan of your work! I aspire to also become an illustrator like you, drawing for children. I recently created a would mean so much to me if you had a quick peek ^_^ (

theartofpuro said...

Wonderful news:)Congratulations:)