Sunday, 30 June 2013

31st Derbyshire Open Exhibition - Disaster, Disaster...

I have been doing a bit more painting lately. As you know, I am heavily into my sketchbooks but, for the first time, I am really feeling the urge to produce larger pieces, paintings which I can work on in the studio, when the weather's not good enough to be out on location.

I've managed to grab the odd day out, sketching in Derbyshire, and have been having a go at working from those sketches, experimenting with how different art materials work on a larger format:

It's early days and I wasn't intending to do anything with my efforts yet, then a friend told me that the Derbyshire Open Exhibition was looking for artwork on a Derbyshire theme. I was very pleased with the piece below, based on a sketch done on the Longshaw Estate earlier this year, so I thought I might as well go for it. Unfortunately, the submission deadline was only a week away!

I didn't have time to search a ready-made frame down, so I got a local framer to make one to fit but, to save a bit of cash, we opted to mount the work ourselves.

But - DISASTER!! - the framer made it at the wrong size. Worse still, we didn't notice, until John starting cutting the mount board, on the very morning we were due to deliver the painting to Buxton! The framer made a rush replacement for us to pick up within the hour (phew) so, just after lunch, we breathed a sign of relief and got ready to set off, when - ANOTHER DISASTER!! - I realised I hadn't read the submission instructions properly and the frames needed mirror plates fitted, rather than wire.

By the time we had found somewhere to buy mirror plates, shot over there in the car, then undone the wire and screwed on the plates, it was pretty tight. Buxton is about an hour's run. It was 3.15 and submissions closed at 4.30. But the traffic took pity on us and was light, so we made it with 20 minutes to spare - hurrah!

My painting is for sale so, if you want to own one of the very first Lynne Chapman non-sketchbook paintings, get yourself over to the Buxton Art Gallery. The show opened last night and is on until September 6th.


Unknown said...

phew I found myself holding my breath as I read this.

I hope it sells for you.

Caroline B said...

Argh! Well done in getting it sorted in time! My worst was breaking the glass while framing a picture hours before submission and having to make a dash to the glaziers for a new piece to be cut!

ann @ studiohyde said...

Crumbs, you were close to the wire there! I'm sure it will all be worth it, your painting is bound to sell.

Papiya said...

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