Friday, 5 July 2013

The Great Sheffield Art Show

On Wednesday, I delivered 3 paintings to the Octagon Theatre, ready for hanging at the Great Sheffield Art Show. Although I help with the selection process, I have never got around to putting forward any of my own work before. 

Unlike with the Derbyshire Open, I was not able to create new paintings - the submission dates were back in April, so too early to catch my recent batch of work - so I had to see what I could find. I thought I would put in a piece of illustration artwork, an editorial illustration, originally created for an article about ice-cream parlours. It was a favourite of mine at the time and has been hanging on our dining room wall, so was ready-framed:

I also selected a couple of paintings I did the last time I was able to dedicate time to that kind of work. They are both based on the view from my previous studio window. 

The one above is in pastels, like my book illustrations, but the one below is in a mix of oil pastels, conte and oil bar. I used to draw with oil bars a lot - they make a wonderfully bold, painterly mark. 

The exhibition was hung by a team of volunteers throughout Thursday and, that evening, John and I went to the preview.

The show is a really eclectic mix of work, which is the idea: there is always going to be something there to appeal to every visitor. As well as the 'open' element, professional painters also hire space to show a greater body of work. So, if you fancy some inspiration, or are in the business of buying art, get yourself over there now. It's open from 10am today and closes on Sunday at 6pm.

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