Thursday, 27 June 2013

Dr Sketchy: an Evening of Fairytales

It was Dr Sketchy night last week and the theme was fairytales. For those who don't know, Dr Sketchy is an evening of fun sketching in the back room of a pub: it's a bit like life drawing, but after the models have all raided a dressing-up box! 

In case anyone is wondering, these sketches were all done in an A3 sketchbook using a combination of watercolour and watercolour pencils, with black conte to get the oomph needed for the wicked queen's black dress.

I love the fact that I get to meet new fellow sketchers every time I go to a Dr Sketchy night. We don't have any time to chat while we are sketching, it's way too full-on, but afterwards, knots of people gather round to look at each other's sketchbooks. This time, I unexpectedly met two Facebook friends in the flesh for the first time.

There is always music chosen to fit the theme. I always enjoy drawing to music; it helps to diffuse the intensity, because it really is incredibly focussed. You can't waste a moment. We had 7 poses in 2 hours, between 5 mins and 25 mins each. A non-sketching friend who came along to watch once, said they could feel the intense concentration so much, it was actually oppressive! I am certainly always exhausted afterwards. 

At this last session, we drew Red Riding Hood and a sinister woodman, but the star of the show was definitely the wicked queen. I won a prize for the drawing below (every so often, the models get to choose their favourite sketch from the pose, so I was chuffed that Lara Gothique chose mine). 

While Lara and I were having our photo taken together, she confessed that she was absolutely dying in that outfit. I was not surprised - it was incredibly hot and we sketchers were all melting in far skimpier outfits.

Thanks to all the models and to the organisers for another brilliant evening. If you fancy having a go at something similar, do a search - there might well be a Dr Sketchy in your area.


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