Monday, 26 November 2012

Train Sketching: Sunsets and Secret Admirers

I took Sunday off: I slept in a bit then walked with John down to a cafe for a veggie cooked breakfast. Then I pottered about the studio doing fun things and trying not to get caught up thinking about worky stuff. I have been rushing about like crazy just lately, zooming back and forth on trains and I desperately needed a break. 

I've mainly been doing the Nottingham writing workshop project (still 2 more weeks to go...), but I've also been doing storytelling sessions for the NCBF in the North East and was back there again on Friday / Saturday, for their big Gala Day, along with lots of other authors. I'll tell you more about that another time, when I've hopefully got some photos to show you.  

These drawings are from train windows: I have been getting up and out before sun-up every day, and getting home after sun-down, so have watched some lovely skies slide by the window. Couldn't resist trying to capture what I could with my watercolour pencils. 

On Friday night, while drawing the top one, an elderly Asian lady leaned across the aisle to talk to me. I got into a lengthy conversation with her about my drawing, the festival I was on my way to and her grandchildren, who live in Newcastle. Afterwards, I discovered a lovely email on my phone from someone else on the train who had also watched me sketch the sunset and had been listening in on our conversation. 

As you can read on my notes on this drawing, which I did next, the email was very kind about both my drawing and my people-skills. I looked all round for give-away signs of who it could be, but couldn't tell. 

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Mary Walker Designs said...

Wow talk about strange timing hopefully they meant your skills of drawing people and not that they were watching you talking to someone else.