Friday, 23 November 2012

Dr Sketchy: Drawn-of-the-Dead zombie night

Yes, another Drawn of the Dead event - they nicked our name!! No matter: we forgive them, as there is nothing like an evening of drawing zombies...

Yes, that's right, drawing zombies. Isn't that what everybody does on a Tuesday night? 

You see, every so often the local Dr Sketchy team invite people to join them at the Greystones pub in Sheffield, for a figure-drawing-with-a-difference experience. 

We've drawn Victoriana models in basks and knickerbockers with false beards or waxed mustachios, we've sketched a roller-derby team in little shorts and big helmets, but this time round it was the undead.

We drew to the cracking soundtrack of horror film music blasting out, and the models wore brilliant make-up, including wonderful festering sores and patches of bleeding gore!

Dr Sketchy evenings are incredibly intense. We have anything from 5 minutes to 30 minutes to try and get as much down as we can, but most poses are about 15 - 20: we only got 30 minutes for this one with all 3 figures together (I should think so too!):

Apart from a short beer-break at half-time, we get no rests in-between to gather ourselves or even sharpen pencils, it's just BANG into the next pose. At the end of the 2 hours we were all exhausted! 

I was dead chuffed that I managed to get something vaguely finished looking for every pose though. My watercolour pencils are just perfect for getting colour down at 100 miles an hour.  

I can't wait to find out what we're drawing next time!

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