Thursday, 6 September 2012

Picture Book Illustration - Still Working Hard!

I have finished the two pieces of artwork I showed you last time, which were left half done on Friday afternoon. 
Sparky is enjoying tucking into Lucy's dinner (while she gets his dog food), when Mum calls out that it's Lucy's bath time. I am really pleased with this batch in particular. A big thanks to John for the suggestion of the yellow table, which really throws the other colours forwards.

Yesterday I finished a third piece from this part of the book, which actually comes before the other two: when Lucy looks at how much fun Sparky is having being her, suddenly realising she is going to have to remain as the dog forever! 

This morning I have been tracing up a new one to begin work on this afternoon: the final spread of the book (the rough has been slightly re-worked again since you last saw it, to help sort out the gutter position a little). 

I have to make yet another small change before the artwork though - my publisher is not keen on the chip being extracted from Sparky's nose.

Unfortunately though this is the last spread of the book, it is far from the final piece of artwork I have left to do. The pastel artwork will keep me busy for the rest of the month. No more days off in the sunshine for me! Best get on...


aylin kaplan said...

again, great colors, great composition,expression :) .Thanks for sharing ..

Marjory said...

Beautiful, Lynne. And thank you for that latest video on creating the artwork for Swop!Does the pink colour background disappear once you place it in photoshop...or do you colour it by hand?
Thank you again for your advice a few weeks ago; I've followed up my emails with posted samples and have now started to ring the Publishers I'd like to visit with my folio.
Only one yes so far...but I'll keep trying. Have found it difficult to get past the receptionist gatekeepers. Also cannot get a phone number for Gullane and Meadowside. Seems they are restructuring?
Cheers, Marjory

Lynne the Pencil said...

I get scans back from the publishers and remove the pink myself, digitally, in Photoshop. It usually takes a few days to do the whole book. I have done blog posts during Baby Goes Baaaaa! about the specifics, if you are interested. Use the blog labels on the left.

Good luck with the publishers!