Monday, 3 September 2012

Drawing a Picture Book: I'm Still Hard at it!

I'm a bit behind with my 'Swap! artwork, so no more time for filming: it's head down this week.

This was my desk on Friday night. I decided to treat myself to some bigger, bolder bits of artwork, having focussed on vignettes for quite a few days now, which are so fiddly. The joy of these bigger, simpler images is that you cover vast areas of the paper really quickly, so get a great sense of achievement.

Of course, I still have to slow down this morning and fill in all the detail, but at least I have the sensation of having got lots under my belt.

I'm working on two at once as well: it helps to speed things up when the images contain similar content. Right, gotta get on...

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Line Katrin said...

I like so much the freshness the work with pastell gives. Thank you for the great inspiration you give through your lovely blog:)