Monday 10 September 2012

Illustrating a Picture Book: 'Swap!' Visits the Frankfurt Book Fair

On Thursday morning, I discovered that the deadline for getting my Swap! artwork to my publisher, in time for them to prepare it for presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair, was today. Yikes! I thought I had a little longer, and have been trying to get as much done as possible but,  come Friday afternoon, I had to stop and post what I'd done to date.

It's not too bad: I've completed over 7 spreads, so enough to get a good flavour of how the finished book will look.

Luckily, with John to help me, I was relieved of the task of cutting all the mounts, labelling all the artwork and packaging everything up, (which seems to take ages), so I was able to continue with the artwork up to the last minute. 
By Thursday evening I'd finished the spread I started that morning, the final spread of the book, and wasn't sure how best to spend my final day. 

It's always a problem when half my artwork is sent on ahead - I'm left with no colour reference for the rest of the illustrations, so have to down-tools until it's returned.  
So, I hatched a cunning plan... I decided to spend my last day colouring something I wouldn't send with the rest: 

I worked on the vignettes for the back endpapers, doing all 6 together, since they are so similar. Sparky is in lots of positions, so I get all his markings recorded, plus the ballet costume colours, ready to do the ballet spread next.


fados do lar said...

Beautiful work.
Deadlines are always times of huge stress!

Maja said...

Thanks for sharing all your fabulous illustrations. I'm starting to play around with dry pastels and I wanted to know if you recommend any specific fixative?

Lynne the Pencil said...

I use Daler Rowney, which I think is marginally less problematic than Windsor and Newton. They are the ones commonly available here. Both change the colours a fair bit though.

aylin kaplan said...

I wish you success at the fair .

Unknown said...

Amazing!! very beautiful illustrations!

Mai Kemble said...

these are so lovely! your blog is so fascinating! :)
love hearing how professionals pull things together!
looks like it'll be a great book! ballet with dogs- SO cute!

Bridget Marzo said...

Here's to their well-earned success at Frankfurt!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Thanks B x

Verenea said...

Dear Lynne, when will you be in Frankfurt?
I will be in Frankfurt on Saturday to visit the fair and it would be so great to see you and your work there..
Thank you for all the inspiration!

Lynne the Pencil said...

Sadly I don't visit in person Verenea. My 'Swap!' book will be presented by my publisher, during meetings with as many other overseas publishers as they can squeeze into the time. Have fun - I'm still beavering away in the studio!