Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Illustration Workshops in the Library: Disaster Averted!

On Monday I was in libraries again, for the Summer Reading Challenge, doing events similar to the series of summer workshops I've been doing in Sheffield, but just a bit further up the road, in Derbyshire.

It was a very good thing I wasn't far afield, as I was a complete idiot that morning: I left my folder by the front door at home, the one with all the artwork I use to talk around. Not good. I realised my mistake as I was walking into Sheffield station, but there was no time to go back - my train was due in 15 minutes.

As usual, John came to the rescue. He drove my folder all the way to Brimington Library for me and hand-delivered it. He was so quick off the mark that he beat me there - what a hero!

This is me using some of the roughs that were in the folder, to explain the process of designing the big bear in Bears on the StairsI also showed them a piece of big, pastel artwork from Stinky! and read them Dragon's Dinner, deconstructing my illustrations as I went. Then it was time to get stuck into some drawing.
The children first learnt how to choose faces and body language to communicate emotions... 

...then we all created lots of angry, sad, frightened, shocked, sarcastic and grumpy cats, dogs, bears, owls, warthogs, monkeys, hamsters etc.

After lunch my minder and I nipped down the road to Staveley Library, where I did it all again.

Both the workshops were really well attended: we had to squeeze everyone in, s
o a big thank you to the guys at the library service for their help with publicity.


enVide neFelibata said...

it's great that you keep teaching...

Lynne the Pencil said...

I thoroughly enjoy it. It's the perfect way to work with young people - I decide what to deliver and do it in the way I think best. No marking, no jumping through hoops, no institutional politics. Just me and the kids, having fun and learning through books and drawing.

Jamie Condroski said...
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Jamie Condroski said...

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