Friday, 1 June 2012

Drawing People on the Train: a Pencil and a Sketchbook...

Here are some of the train sketches I did earlier this week, on my way to and from Selby, visiting Longman's Hill Primary School, which I mentioned last time.

Any regular readers will know that this is the way I always pass the time on my train journeys and that, if you see me on a train anytime and don't want to be sketched, for goodness sake, don't fall asleep:

If you fancy having a go at drawing people in public, take a look at this post which gives away all my hot tips for how to get started, the best places to try it, how to spot the people that will stay still long enough, and how to get away with not being noticed! 

I also talk you through how I got back into using my sketchbooks in this short film, which you might enjoy. 

All these drawings are done with a 6B graphite stick, rather than my usual 3B pencil: I find it gives a better quality line on the super-smooth paper of a Moleskin.


Susan said...

Your lovely drawings and enthusiasm for sketching are a great insprpiration for me! Yes, I have bought a new sketchbook...looking forward to the journey.

Frances said...

Amazing! as always :)