Wednesday, 30 May 2012

SketchCrawl: Drawings with my Watercolour Pencils

I've been having a lot of fun just lately, but it's been a bit crazy over the last few days... 

On Saturday we had another SketchCrawl, this time in Chesterfield. It couldn't have been more different to last week's in Buxton, where we had to keep scuttling indoors because of the freezing cold. This time we were scuttling into the shade, as it was so fabulously, brain-fryingly hot. 

Here are a few sketches from the day that John scanned in for me. The top one is watercolour and black conte, the others are my Inktense watercolour pencils. I'll post more later, but things have been so busy lately and I still have more things to do than time to do it (I shouldn't be doing this now - I should be getting on with my roughs!!). 

n Sunday John and I went out walking, making the most of the sunshine, then on Monday and Tuesday I was up super-early to catch the 7.15 train to Selby, to visit the children at Longman's Hill Primary School.

We had a great time together. The kids were all lovely and SO enthusiastic, we were all buzzing the whole time and they did some brilliant drawings. I expend so much energy: it's a great work-out. Everyone bought in their books from home for me to sign, which I did during the lunchtimes, then after school I signed new ones. I drew on the train journeys home, to keep myself from falling asleep, so by the time I got back last night at 7pm I was absolutely shattered!

I'll post some more of the Chesterfield SketchCrawl drawings, plus the best of the train sketches later, but now I MUST get some real work done, before John tells me off!

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