Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Oh No!!!!!!!

Picture the scene: I'm snuggled under my warm duvet in a guest house in Shrewsbury, dead to the world, oblivious to the early-morning birdsong outside my window. Something wakes me. The unconscious me knows it is something important: someone has just walked past the door of my room.  

I open my eyes. The clock says 7.30am - my alarm (set for 6.45) didn't go off and I am already late.
The 'someone' was author Ian Whybrow, on his way down to breakfast, where he thinks I am joining him and Steve Hartley, to kick-off our day of various Bookfest events. 

I leap from my bed and, in the same motion, leap into the wardrobe. Clothes are on in 30 seconds: no shower, no brushing of teeth. I fluff fingers through hair and spurt head with hairspray (knowing hair is almost certainly pressed pillow-flat at the back), stuff on shoes, whip lippy round mouth (an attempt to fool people into thinking all is under control) and run downstairs for my eggs and coffee. 

It's not a calm way to start the day. Especially when you are due to be picked up straight afterwards, to be driven to a school across town and, in the meantime, you must not only gobble down brekkie, but also pack ready to check out, brush teeth and dash for a pee (why on earth didn't I prioritise that before breakfast?), whilst simultaneously making sure you don't leave anything vital for your day's performance, or your train ticket home, under the bed.

At 8.15 I am in the car of the lovely Yvonne, who reassures me that my hair looks fine (can I believe her?) and that I don't smell (thank goodness for last night's bath!). At 8.45 I am grappling with a flipchart in the hall at Longden Primary School and at 9am I am smiling serenely in front of all of KS2, as if I have been ready and waiting for hours. Phew.

Thank you to all the children at Longden for your wonderful enthusiasm during the day and to Mr Tay for all the tea!  And an extra special thank you to all the amazing Bookfest team, who give so much of their precious time each year, to make sure so many local school children get to spend the day with people like me, Ian and Steve (even if some of us are a bit smelly...)!


Sue Pownall said...

ha ha sorry for laughing but I can imagine it happening, although not the going to breakfast pre-bathroom. Glad school was happy and that went well.

jabbott said...

I excell under stress you can pull it off too!Glad all went well.

Anonymous said...

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