Sunday, 11 March 2012

Sketching Symposium - the Workshops

It's exciting stuff! Remember I told you that I'm going to Santo Domingo in July (yippee!)? Well, the list of all the selected instructors that will be running workshops for this year's Urban Sketcher's symposium has now been announced, so all those who are planning on taking part in the biggest sketch-fest imaginable can take a peak, and start to get an idea of what might be on the menu.

You can now see the schedule for the symposium here. The details of the various workshops are being uploaded one at a time, so not all of them are fully up yet, but you can see who is 
doing what. They are all taking place in the historic district and mine will be at Padre Billini and its 16th century Tostado House.

I know the Dominican Republic is a long way from the UK, but if anyone has deep enough pockets, or is a little nearer than Sheffield, I would seriously recommend the event. These photos are all from last year's symposium and I have never felt as fired up as I did after that. 3 days spending almost every waking moment either sketching or talking about sketching! I was so drawing-bonkers, I not only sketched in the airport on the way back, and in the plane (I even used my paints as you can see below), but I was drawing in motion in the tunnel, as we were shuffling on board!

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