Monday, 19 March 2012

John is Coming Out to Play Tomorrow

Today I've been working in Rotherham (actually, in a little village just outside, called Swinton). Since Rotherham is just outside Sheffield, I got home at the very civilised time of 4.45: a good couple of hours earlier than is often the case at the moment. 

Which is how come I have a few minutes to look in and say hello, both to you folks out in e-land, and to the children at Kilnhurst Primary School. I had a lovely day today, which is good because I'm back there again in the morning. This time though, John is coming with me, as the school's administrator is an old friend of his, one he's not seen in years: it's someone that goes way, way, way back (queue wiggly lines and dreamy music...).

They used to live a few doors down from one another, when John was just a wee, grubby lad (instead of a big, grubby lad). Apparently, he regularly used to eat breakfast at home, then run down the round and eat it all over again with the house-full of sisters, who all gave him way too much attention, as far as I can make out.

Anyway, he is driving me in the morning, which will make a change from the train, so they'll be able to catch up on old times and I can take lots more books with me to sign, rather than just the few I can normally carry in my wheelie-case. 

See you in the morning kids - looking forward to it!

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Gillian Olson said...

Love reading about these "sketchy" trips you take. Thanks.