Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Up to My Armpits in Red Stripes!

A messy morning last week! I had to clear my desk and put all my story sketch sheets well out of harm's way, to quickly do another funny little bit of artwork to patch into the cover of my latest book Baby Can Bounce!

Those who have been popping in regularly, will know that this is the sequel to Baby Goes Baaaaa! (due out in April next year). To give things a softer, more cuddly feel, Sarah, my designer at Egmont, suggested I created a cute, spotty texture for the main title text of that book, by hand drawing spots in pastels, to match the pattern on the lamb's romper suit:

We want the typography on book 2 to have a similar feel, but be slightly different, so stripes seemed like a good idea, to match the little stripy swimsuit the crocodile wears

The worst job was measuring and drawing all the stripe guidelines, in fine pencil. Then I just had to colour in a block of pattern: the actual letters will be created later, by a sort of digital-collage process.

Just like when I created the emergency crocodile pants, I scanned the stripe artwork here in the studio, then emailed it straight to Sarah, so she could create the stripy letters at her end. Here's how the title looks with it's new stripes:

It's been all very ASAP, as Egmont are creating a quick version of the cover of Baby Can Bounce! in advance of the rest of the book, so they can pop a little pic of it into the back of Baby Goes Baaaaa!, which is going off to the printers for proofing any minute now.

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AnAis said...

Your original look is fantastic!!! :D