Sunday, 13 November 2011

Book Illustration Videos: I'm on YouTube with Shoo Raynor!

Remember our ill-fated trip to North Wales? Well, one thing that helped take our minds off our problems was the pleasure of spending time with Shoo Rayner, who was doing the same festival as me, and so staying at the same hotel as us for the 3 nights. 

It was lovely to have breakfast and dinner together every day and chew the fat (though not literally I hasten to add - the food at the manorhaus is gorgeous). It's so rare to get real time with fellow authors and illustrators, we always have fun comparing notes (comparing 'horror stories' from dodgy school visits is also a fave!).

Shoo is very into creating exciting ideas for the web at the moment, and has for some time been making little films about how he draws. His latest project though is to create filmed interviews with other illustrators and authors he meets on the road. So, while we were together in Ruthin, he asked me if I would mind doing an interview. What fun!

The hotel let us use their restaurant one afternoon after our library events were over. Shoo set up a tripod and I collected all the bits and bobs I had with me for my talks with the children. Then we just chatted about them. All very relaxed. I drew Stinky! on camera which turned out really well (phew!) NB Don't be put off by the fact that this film starts with the same intro as above - it changes:

At the end we did a signed-book swap on camera - a nice touch.
Unfortunately we made one boo-boo: when we were shooting close-ups of my sketchbooks to edit into the interview, Shoo mistakenly turned the camera off when he thought he was turning it on, so we didn't get those.


Julie Clay Illustration said...

This is fascinating Lynne, thanks so much for sharing them, I shall be back to watch them again, Brilliant. It looked like fun too! You'll be on the TV next????

Sainz Design said...

Hiya Lynne! I find your videos to be instructive yet fun. Thanks so much for sharing the creating process with us your readers. I find that when you show your work I am definitively all fired-up to go and do MY work.
PS You look great on camera!

Liz Steel said...

hi Lynne - these are SO wonderful!!! So great to have you on video just in case I forget your aussie(!?) accent!!! So much fun and wonderful work!

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Loved the videos! most of all the developing stages of your characters, also got shocked by the size of your sketchbooks, I've been trying to find big squared sketchbooks that are thick enough and failed miserably, can you tell what brand do you use?

About Me... said...

Thanks guys.

I use mostly either Daler-Rowney or Seawhites sketchbooks (occasionally Pink Pig)

Teresa Palomar Lois said...

Thank you so much for the info Lynne :)