Saturday, 19 November 2011

Baby Can Bounce: the Cover is Sorted

Sarah, my designer at Egmont, has finished the cover design for my new book. The stripy text I prepared and scanned is all done and in place, the baby croc has his pants on (!) the new strap-line is in place (although that still might change: we're not sure if it's too educational sounding) and the colour is... 

...yep: yellow. 

This is quite funny. Though I was the one who stuck out for yellow originally, when the guys at Egmont wanted lilac (because I thought it would work better with the green croc), I changed my mind when I saw the lilac mocked up. Typical then, that the consensus at Egmont should now change to liking the yellow. It's especially ironic, given that I had to change the cover of Baby Goes Baaaaa!, which I conceived as yellow from the start, to a duck-egg blue. Hey ho. 

If you want to read about how the cover was designed from my scratch, take a look at my initial sketches.

Publication for Baby Goes Baaaaa! is April, which will be here in no time. Baby Can Bounce! is following close on it's heels, in early summer.

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June said...

I really love this cover illustration Lynne. And the yellow looks great :o)