Friday 14 October 2011

Oops - a Naked Crocodile!!

You will remember that I sent off all my completed artwork from Baby Can Bounce! on November 1st, the day before we left for our mis-adventures in Wales. The guys at Egmont emailed to let me know it had arrived safely (phew) and said they loved it (double phew). 


They also noticed something we had all overlooked: the baby croc on the cover illustration had a bare bum! 

On the illustration inside the book he was wearing little bathing shorts, but for some reason I had forgotten to sketch them in on my roughs. And even though Egmont had the roughs for about 2 months, nobody there noticed either!

This cover image is needed in a dreadful hurry, because it needs to be featured on the inside back cover of book 1, which is about to go to print. 

So, I decided the quickest way to solve the problem was for the artwork above to be sent away for scanning as scheduled, but for me in the meantime to create a 'patch': basically, a little pastel drawing of the shorts to scan here in the studio, ready to dress his little, green bum with, when the proper, high-res scans come back from repro.

It felt very silly to do, and reminded me of the cut-out clothes for dress-ups we used to get when we were kids, with little paper tabs to attach them to a cardboard doll (am I showing my age..?).

In the meantime, I have made this little mock-up which will help Sarah, my designer at Egmont, to experiment with background colours:


Nina Khashchina aka Apple-Pine said...

lol - some nakedness in crocodiles might be good for kids :)

Alex said...

Ha! This really made me laugh. Brilliant! I love the crocodile both naked and in trunks...

June said...

Too funny that everyone failed to notice he had dropped his shorts :o)
Maybe he felt less restricted when 'bouncing naked'!
Thank goodness for digital magic eh!

Jon Davis said...

Excellent stuff, thanks for posting.
I wonder how often this sort of thing happens and we don't hear about it?
Great solution though :)