Sunday 16 October 2011

Monkey's Tea-Party: Children's Workshop

I have been sent some lovely photos by the folks at Salford Gallery. Amy Whitehead, the gallery's Learning Officer, has been working with local children. She organised a children's workshop based on my Llamas in Pyjamas show and they created this fab group collage inspired by my monkey's tea-party illustration, from my picture book, Stinky!

I love it. It's so crazy and 'full of beans', just like monkeys in fact! 

The children who worked on the collage ranged from 10 years old right down to 9 months (apparently the baby's mum got him undressed, and he splashed around in the green paint on the background!!). 

It's pretty big too. They worked in paint, pens, pastels and collage. One boy had never used pastels before and enjoyed himself so much, he said he was going to ask for some for his birthday! 

You can read my blog posts about the exhibition here and see photos hereIf you are interested in exhibiting my children's book illustrations in your borough, please get in touch as my show is designed to tour so always looking for new venues.


granny grimble said...

What a vibrant and exciting collage. I love it! I love it!
The children that produced this deserve their own tea party to celebrate this production. Well done all of you!

Anonymous said...

What a fqb collage! It must be very rewarding to see how children appreciate your work? Wish I could visit the exhibit, alas I am a bit far away to be able to go.