Thursday, 30 June 2011

Children's Book Illustration: a Lecture, a Storytelling and an Illustration Workshop for the FCBG

Saturday felt like about the hottest day of the century. Was I at the seaside? No: I was in the windowless bowels on the Harrogate Library!

Well, I might not have had much use for a bucket and spade, but I confess, I still had a fabulous day. It was an event organised by the Harrogate branch of the Federation of Children's Book Groups. I did a storytelling for littlies, an illustration workshop (where we learned how to draw creatures running away from scary stuff) and then a lecture about how picture books are created.

We had a great turn-out, especially given the weather, and everyone was really interested and appreciative. And I enjoyed doing the talk for adults: a nice change. 

Thanks so much to fellow author Penny Dolan for inviting me and organising it all (and for making the yummiest sandwiches for lunch...). Not forgetting her hubby Jim either, for collecting me from the station and doing combat on my behalf with the ghastly roads in Leeds!

Once it was all over and I was safely settled into my train home, I turned on my phone and picked up a really touching email, forwarded to me by the Head Teacher at Padfield Primary, from a parent of one little boy I had seen during my previous day's visit to school:
"Just to say thank you for today. Oscar has demanded a sketch book and is now wandering around the house drawing feverishly. He is inspired."

What a wonderful way to finish the day!


Anonymous said...

You must have felt like cheering or at least waving a flag. Such GOOD

Lisa Thompson said...

Lynne, I am a huge fan of your blog and had mentioned to my cousin in Leeds I was dying to attend your lecture, but alas living in Western Canada that would be quite impossible. Today I was surprised to the point of tears when I discovered in the mail a very unexpected package containing a signed copy of "Class Three All at Sea" (with a beautiful sketch of an octopus) and the notes that my dear cousin took for me when unbeknown to me she attended your lecture in Harrowgate. I feel very lucky for a wonderful cousin and for illustrators like you who are so willing to share your knowledge and expertise. Thank you.

Lynne Chapman said...

Hello Lisa! I am so pleased you like your surprise. Your cousin told me that she was sending it all the way over the water to you.

Thank you for your kind words - I'm glad you are enjoying my ramblings! x